Very friendly and welcoming business that is very reasonable and more than fair in buying my diamond rings! Thank you Rosie!

Wade F

Brandon & Jonty are great! Both are very friendly and informative. They know their stuff and pay fair prices for both precious metals and diamonds. Thank you for a pleasant, stress-free experience – I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Great customer service! Thank you!

Denia F.

Love this place. Been coming here for years and they are always very fair and every single person at both locations are super nice. Brandon usually helps me and he is awesome.

Allison M.

I would highly recommend Gold Reef Estate Buyers to anyone.
Fair, Honest and Knowledgeable.
Rosie Ciotto makes the process easy with absolutely no pressure.

John O'G.

Rose & Jonty are 2 of the most knowledgeable, friendly & honest people in this type of gold & Jewelry business. Jonty could not go out of his way more to help my friend who needed to support her 4 kids after a divorce & sell her 3+ carat diamond ring. She received top $ way over & above any other offers she had, even from other states. They are truly the best to go to!

Dina P

I am so happy I came to this jewelry store in Delray Beach! Rosie was very welcoming, kind and patient with me on all my visits.
Jonathan, the jeweler was also very kind, patient, honest and explained everything I needed to know in detail. Not pushy what so ever!!! I was given an estimate for my diamond and took quite sometime to finally make a decision! I’m so happy with my decision and very happy to do business with Gold Reef jewelers!

Thank you Rosie and Jonathan, I look forward to future visits!

Leilani S.

Leilani S.

I just received the STUNNING ring! OMgosh it is the perfect design and so pretty. I am taking it to jeweler to have stones checked, sized and my band soldered onto it. I could not be happier! Thank you so much for being a wonderful person and making this happen! Lightning fast I might add! God bless you….Carole


You have been an absolute joy to deal/work with! Thank you!


I received the Bracelet today. WOW. I love it and you’re the Very Best!!! Thank you.


Hi, I just received this beautiful necklace. Oh, it was gorgeous. You can just imagine the happiness of my daughter when she opened the very nice jewelry box and almost cried. She really wished to have a necklace like this and her dream on her birthday came true. She would also like to thank you for this awesome gift. She said you’re such a good seller. My other daughter wished also to have a similar necklace like this, so just in case you will have another one, Please, don’t forget to let me know, okay? Thanks a lot, you gave my daughter a wonderful Happy Birthday.


Received the bracelet today. Anything I would say would run short of how I felt when I opened the box.Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful beyond description. Thank you for being so kind for helping me bless my wife. Quick delivery! A pleasure to do business with. Can’t wait until Christmas.


I love what we do! I can’t tell you how many poignant, moving stories we hear, every day, of people trying to get by, make ends meet, pay their bills. Knowing that we provide a service that allows them this peace of mind and helps them get through their rough patches, is both inspiring and a constant motivator that what we do, matters in the lives of the people we come into contact with. Our community counts on us to be there for them when they need us. They trust our advice and appreciate our honesty. They know they are not going to get anything less than what their gold and diamonds are worth, and with our knowledge and expertise, we are able to explain the market to them and how it affects them and their decision to buy or sell.
We are so proud of the fact that we are also doing our share to help the planet and raise awareness of the benefits of recycling metals, particularly Gold and Diamonds. Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly with absolutely no degradation in the quality of the metal, therefore they are one of the best naturally renewable resources on earth. By consciously making the decision to choose to recycle these precious metals, we can decrease the global demand for newly mined gold. Our primary objective is to diminish the negative impacts of gold mining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals. It is with in mind, that we now also offer a large selection of jewelry that has been created from recycled precious metals, as well as vintage pieces that have been refinished and brought back to their previous luster and beauty. Whether our clients are trying to meet payments, or recycling their old gold to buy something new or travel abroad or take a cruise, we are happy to know that we are here for them to help them sleep at night and to make their dreams come true!

Gina G

I was skeptical before selling my gold to this company being that they were brand new, however I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Very fast, cordial service. The cash on the spot was the best. I will be back in with my flatware set soon. Thank you Gold Reef!

Jenny P

Upon searching around to get the best possible price for a bunch of broken jewelry I had, I came across Gold Reef, and what can I say. Their staff, service, business sense were all exceptional, and top quality. Thank you for making my experience worth-while.

Tina W

Thank you so much for such a smooth, quick transaction. The store associate was extremely helpful and honest. He was able to beat all of the competitors estimates without problem. I couldn’t believe that what I have had laying and had no use for, was worth so much! Their payout on silver was great as well. Gold Reef’s staff was very professional. Keep up the good work, and I will be scouring my house for more broken stuff, and I will be back in to see you guys soon!

Chris L

I would like to thank Gold Reef for your honesty and well-mannered approach to business, which is very hard to come by these days. I was so surprised when I found out the payout I received for things I have not worn in years! I would recommend your business to anyone and everyone in the market to sell gold and silver.

Barbara N

I would like to thank Gold Reef, their services were spectacular. They were able to beat all of my previous estimates, and then some. And you cannot beat their 10% referral bonus. I made $130 just for telling my friends!

Maureen H

I am so happy with Gold Reef! Their customer service was “the best of the best”

Jamie C

Thanks for the huge payout! I checked around and saw you paid the highest amount. Thanks for buying the diamond as well.

Terry P

You gave a great payout on buying the gold and diamonds.

Dom W

“I chose to use Gold reef gold buyers because of the convenience to where I live and how easy the process was to sell my jewelry, and that’s the main reason why I keep coming back. I know that I am always getting a fair price when I sell to you and you are always very professional when I come in. I really needed the money as i have been unemployed for awhile, and selling my jewelry helped me to pay my car, house, and electric bills. I still have some more stuff that i want to sell, I will be seeing you soon!”

Victoria H

We just returned from our first visit to Gold Reef Gold Buyers in Delray Beach, FL today and we wanted to say that it was our pleasure to work with Libna. She was very knowledgeable and patient. We hope to see her again and we want you to know that she is a credit to your business.
Yours truly,

Susan and Norman B.

On April 30th, I went to your store in Oriole Plaza, Delray Beach, FL to sell a gold necklace. I first noticed the sign for your store last week as I was shopping at the Publix a few stores away. The woman in charge was very pleasant. She weighed my necklace, tested it, told me what it was worth and I was very happy to sell it. I signed the appropriate papers, did the thumb print and I got money. It was very easy, and Janet, I since found out her name, was very professional. I went back again the next day, (5/1) with a watch that was not worth anything, but it was still a pleasant experience. She even remembered me by the ring I had worn the day before. I was flattered. I plan to bring more things in for sale.

Dorothy L

Gold Reef Gold Buyers, Inc. Store Associate
My name is Manny R. My wife and I have been coming in to Gold Reef .We have had very pleasant experiences each time ,which keeps us coming back. Daniella is great to work with. She is patient and always takes time to answer our questions.

Manny R

One great advantage of working for Gold Reef Gold Buyers is that I’m able to provide costumers with an honest and competitive payout for their gold, silver and diamonds .It is especially rewarding when I see that I was able to help someone in need.

I just had a customer that was going through a tough financial situation with her mom in the hospital with cancer and a lot of bills to pay. She was very happy for what they received for the gold jewelry and I was glad that Gold Reef was able to help her through this difficult moment of her life. Let we evaluate your unwanted jewelry ,flatware ,silverware bring them to us at Gold Reef and a friendly and courteous representative will make you a honest and competitive CASH offer. You never know, you might have a hidden treasure.

Daniella D

This was a great experience, I had no idea my gold was worth anything, let alone the amount I happily walked away with! Thank you for your help and I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Anastasia A