The Diamond Authority at Gold Reef Estate Buyers

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  • From the mines to the manufacturer to the retailer to the public
  • Gold Reef is involved in all facets of the Diamond Industry
  • Three generations of expertise in the Diamond Industry, and factories and offices spanning three different continents
  • We are called ‘The Diamond Authority‘.
  • Our family has been in the Diamond industry over 50 years
  • We had several diamond cutting factories in South Africa
  • We were selected as one of the exclusive sight holders for De Beers
  • We manufactured polished ideal cut diamonds to the highest quality & craftsmanship

Gold Reef is International


  • Our European offices exported our diamonds to all parts of the world
  • Our diamonds are then sold in reputable high end retailers worldwide
  • Our expansion into the jewelry trade led us to the shores of America, where we eventually integrated into the Diamond and Gold Buying sectors of the market, as the need arose



  • Our worldwide network, ensures that we offer you the best prices for your Diamonds
  • We are constantly buying and selling large and small diamonds alike
  • We strive to find these diamonds a suitable home
  • You can be rest assured that your diamonds are in the most knowledgeable hands
  • Our primary goal is for you to receive the highest payout amount and feel confident and secure in the fact that your diamond will be handled in a safe and secure environment.
  • As a recognised  Diamond Authority you will feel completely at ease with your decision to sell your diamonds
  • You will see why we are called ‘The Diamond Authority‘.