Stress Free Guarantee

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Highest Gold Price Offered for Jewelry

100% Stress Free Guarantee 

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Is today a good day to sell?’ We are often asked this question by our customers, so we’ve decided to take the speculating out of selling.

  • We promise to pay you the highest gold price for Jewelry of the past week no matter how the market moves.
  • We ensure that you skip out on all the volatility associated with the gold market.
  • We watch the market so you don’t have to.
  • This means that no matter what the gold price is on the day you decide to sell, our specialists will analyze the gold price from the past week and value your gold according to the highest price point*.

(*This does not apply to the sale of Gold, Silver & Platinum Coins and Bars)

‘We will BEAT the Gold Price for any written competing offer from any State Licensed Gold Buyer!!*’

  • We stand by our claim, that we pay “Top Dollar for your Gold”!
  • *We reserve the right to verify any competing offersGold Price, Highest Gold Price for Jewelry, Gold-Reef-Estate-Buyers-Stress-Free-Badge
  • Competing offers must be within 48 hours, due to fluctuating market prices that can influence the offer dramatically.
  • Competing offers must be from a State Licensed Gold Buyer, in written form, and must include the following information: date; quoted market price; weights and karatage of the jewelry pieces


Gold-Reef-Estate Buyers, Cash fo Gold, gold price, highest gold price, highest gold price for jewelry

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